Management and Monitoring

iWay Sentinel

iWay Sentinel is a web-based interface for the management and monitoring of the iWay Service Manager (iSM) instances installed across an enterprise. Sentinel provides capabilities to detect failures in server status, message transmission, performance issues across one or more than one instances of iSM and reports health status of the various components using customizable health model.

Centralized Monitoring

Sentinel provides monitoring functions such as server connectivity status, health status for servers, applications, and channels based on their success, failures, and performance. It also assigns the health status to servers, applications, and channels by comparing the health statistics among them based on a customizable algorithm. Users can start and stop the servers, applications, channels, and change properties. Sentinel also allows users to monitor the performance of a Java virtual machine (JVM) at the memory and thread levels for the server and component functions.

Remote Management

Sentinel simplifies management functionalities by enabling remote deployment of applications, installation of patches, and changes to the packages and components of iWay applications across multiple iWay servers. Servers and applications can be categorized in different groups and management functions can be executed on top of them. Tasks can be scheduled to be executed at different days and times of the week.

Sentinel provides:

  • Repository for storing iWay artifacts, such as applications, packages, and other deployable components
  • Monitoring and health status for each server based on various factors, including service response times, message processing rate, and error rates
  • Management functions can be executed through Java scripts
  • Remote deployment functionality using scripts combined with scheduling in the background